August 24, 2014
Brutalist Doom - Doom II, 5/8/14

* Doom II Alternative Story *

Following your defeat of the Spider Mastermind, you step through a doorway and
emerge from hell to see the green fields of Earth!

Or at least, they were green fields, once. Three years have passed since you
were shipped off to the Martian moon bases, and in that time, Earth has been
undergoing its second industrial revolution. Under the banner of progress,
the almighty Union Aerospace Corporation has poisoned the atmosphere with
pollution and covered the Earth in an endless concrete jungle.

A nearby pool of blood (there are no rabbits any more) reveals that you’re not
the only one who came through the portal. The demons have already come
through before you and begun their invasion of Earth en masse. Facing
overwhelming odds, your outlook is bleak, but it’s a bleakness tempered by the
knowledge that the UAC has already ruined the planet anyway. Even if you do
manage save Earth, it might not even have been worth saving.

* Theme *

Thematically, Brutalist Doom represents not only the literal architectural
style of exposed concrete for which brutalism is well known, but also attempts
to reproduce the emotional sensation of stark hopelessness that it
projects. Brutalism is perhaps emblematic of a repetitiveness and monotony
found in modern western society; an architectural expression of a wider
totalitarian philosophy that emphasizes soullessness, corporate consumerism
and materialism.

Doom is a game where players fight monsters from hell, but it has been said
that hell is this same sense of repetition and monotony:

He said it was again the beginning of the unfinished, the re-discovery of
the familiar, the re-experience of the already suffered, the
fresh-forgetting of the unremembered. Hell goes round and round. In shape
it is circular and by nature it is interminable, repetitive and very
nearly unbearable.
— Flann O’Brien, “The Third Policeman”

Brutalist Doom expresses this through repetitive gray concrete textures,
almost all of which look identical. Doomguy is trapped in an endless,
featureless maze where every wall appears the same. Is this a world anyone
would want to save? Monotone hues are accentuated by a dehacked patch that
removes the color from many sprites: monsters, decorations, even barrels
have had their contents reduced to a blank monotone.

In the world of Brutalist Doom there is no music and almost no color: the
palette is replaced by a heavily saturated version, simulating senses
dulled from the monotony of a Kafkaesque nightmare. In a telling sign, the
saturation can occasionally fade - albeit briefly - when acquiring new
"things" (consumerist propaganda in effect), when experiencing pain
(whether caused by others or self-inflicted), or under the influence of
drugs (those berserk pack stims at least do something).

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July 22, 2014
PC Speaker Sounds - Doom II, 11/5/14

Do you want to get back to the classic PC Speaker sound style of Doom II? All of this is possible with this WAD which replaces the Default Doom II sounds by the PC Speaker ones


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July 22, 2014
Tayutayu - Doom, 21/6/14

Two maps set on the first ukrainian space station. I took the title from a hentai manga because I couldn’t come up with anything.


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June 17, 2014
Naked Player - Doom, 16/6/14

This WAD does one simple thing: it starts the player without any weapons, not
even the Doom starting Pistol and Fist weapons - hence, “naked”.

The player can still use switches and pick up weapons and other items in
levels, though weapon use in particular may expose strange behavior in Doom’s
weapon switching code which assumes you always have pistol + fist.

I created this for use in experimental, non-combat maps where having a
pistol or fist would be deleterious to the gameplay or aesthetics.

Hope this can be useful to someone. Make a cool weird artsy
walking simulator or something!


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May 18, 2014
SolidGround - Quake 3, 9/2/00

- A player cannot pray while cloaked and vise versa !

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May 17, 2014
Jailbreak - Quake 2, 25/6/99

Jailbreak is a team deathmatch mod in the tradition of CTF. There are
two teams, Red and Blue. Each team has a base, and in his base is a Jail. When
you kill an enemy, he goes to your Jail. Likewise, when you are killed you
will go to their Jail. Once you have team mates in Jail, you can free them
by penetrating the enemy’s base and hitting the switch to open the Jail
doors. Other things of note: When your entire team is in Jail, you are all
automatically EXECUTED and each member of the other team’s score increases
by the number of players on your team. You will then be spawned out of Jail.
Getting Executed is bad, so try not to let it happen by freeing your teammates.
Fraglimit is measured against your TEAM score, not indidual score. Note that
you also recieve points (frags) for freeing people from jail.


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May 16, 2014
The X-Mod - Quake 2, 21/4/00

Sorry, but we copied code from everyone, everywhere.
So, we do NOT have a real credit list!
- eraser bot code
- ID Q2 ctf code
- ID Q2 dm code
- many Q2 mods & tutorials


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May 15, 2014
Catch the Chicken - Quake 2, 3/8/98


Once there was a chicken. Some idiot picked up this chicken and discovered he
received mysterious points for holding onto it. His friends became so jealous
they killed him and took the chicken for them selves. Catch the Chicken had


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May 14, 2014
Your Path of Destruction - Quake, 30/11/97

Thanks go to:

Divide Overflow: I would like to say thanks to my girlfriend Natalie for putting up with my crap for so many months. I would like to thank CurMo for being so much fun to work with, he’s been quite an inspiration and YPOD sure as hell wouldn’t haven’t happened without him! I would like thank my parents for always being encouraging. I must thank Akira, Kenmis, Pyre and Troll for constantly reminding me to get working on YPOD when I took an extra second to breath or eat now and then. I definitely want to thank Bastard and the whole PlanetQuake team for hosting our site, it really helped our popularity (most hit TC page on PQ)! I would like to non-thank Efnet #quakeed for never talking about quake or quake editing related things and for being such an elitest excludiary group of snobs. Oh, and for never being open to outside opinions. Finally I’d like to extend a HUGE thanks to the fans and supporters that have been SO encouraging throughout YPOD’s development. Hope I didn’t forget anyone! J

CurMo: Thanks to, uhh, Divide and Akira for taking all my shit. Thanks to my truck for blowing up multiple times costing me many $’s taking away that money from computer stuff. Thanks to Star Wars for always playing as background noise. Other than that I’m thank’s’d out. Oh, and no thanks to those bastards in Efnet #quakeed. They sure didn’t help much with their “1’M a l33t h4x0r” shit… and speaking of shit, no thanks to them for shitting me… And thanks to #staff guys and uhh.. other ppl on 3dnet who are cool. And thanks to IMarvnTPA for helping me out with all my QC dilemnas.

Akira: I’d like to thank Divide for letting me bug him while he worked, Curmo for breaking and then fixing my computer, Blue and sCary for keeping me up to date, my friends at college for keeping me entertained, Team Fortress for being so damn fun, and anyone who makes free quake mods, cause they know what our hell is like. I’d also like to thank the following inanimate objects: my copy of the movie “AKIRA”, and my Tool, Metallica, and Mortal Kombat cd’s. A great big ‘up yours’ to the following: my internet connection at college, rap music, and all the dumb people on the internet.


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May 13, 2014
TF Sniper - Quake, 26/1/97

This is a quakeC mod devoted purely to the TeamFortress sniper class. This
patch is has been designed as a testing ground for some ideas we’ve had.
- Sniper weapons
- Location damage
- New powerups/abilities
- no new files (but you see the sniper skin in normal quake if you connect with the TF pak).

Location Hits
With the sniper rifle, a sniper can damage his opponents in the following areas:
Chest hit : Normal damage.
Head hit : x2 damage, ignores armor.
Leg hit : 1/2 damage, reduces enemies running speed. (until they find some medikits).

The function we use to determine the location hit is not perfectly accurate, but
does well most of the time.


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